Storm In The South

Blame it on that North Carolina weather.

Red Bull Global Rallycross returned to Marine Corps Air Station New River over 4th of July weekend for rounds six and seven of the 2016 season. The weekend saw Olsbergs MSE drivers Joni Wiman and Sebastian Eriksson get faster and more in sync with their Honda Civics, until the rain before Saturday's round six final turned the race into a mud-slinging death match that few drivers came out of without serious car damage.

On Sunday, the Civics were fast and the drivers were confident, taking first and second in semifinal A; but with rain once again flooding the track, and lightning to boot, the round seven final was suspended. No word on the rematch yet, but we can only hope that when it happens, Sebastian and Joni still get their primo positions of second and fourth off the pole. It's only a matter of time before another podium finish is in these guys' futures.

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