The Races We Can’t Wait For in 2015

By Michelle Wright | 2015-02-02

The Races We Can’t Wait For in 2015

Rallycross fans across the globe marked their calendars on January 13th when Red Bull Global Rallycross announced their 2015 schedule. It’s a killer lineup of 12 events spanning North America and Barbados. With two rounds added this year, individual races are slightly less weighted, allowing drivers to have more breathing room to counteract an unfavorable race. We’re predicting that the additional races should make for a tighter competition, and we’re raring for the season to start. Here are the races that we absolutely can’t wait for.

Daytona, FL

June 21
Although we knew that it’s a famous racing town, the Bluebeam rally team was still blown away by Daytona at Round 6 in 2014. Despite triple-digit heat and intense humidity, fans came out in droves, and the excitement was contagious. Daytona also had the longest track, making for the fastest straightaways. If 2015 turns out anything like the 2014 races, Round 2 in Daytona will definitely be one to watch.

Photo credit OMSE/QNIGAN. To find what went down in Daytona in 2014, check out our recap article or video exclusive with Joni Wiman.

Detroit, MI

July 25-26
Fans flocked to social media to voice their disappointment when the 2014 Detroit race fell through. Now that it’s back on the circuit for Rounds 4 and 5 of the 2015 schedule, fans have had over a year to ramp up for this race. With Ford and GM’s deep roots in this city, this is an audience that knows cars. We’re expecting to see big things come from Motor City.

Los Angeles, CA

September 12-13
This is a hometown race for Bluebeam, but we’re not blindly biased: the LA races are major events. In years past, the LA race was part of X Games. After the X Games moved to Austin in 2014, Red Bull upped the ante and pulled out all the stops to make the race at the Port of Los Angeles a production to remember. With their positions in the third quarter of the season, we’re betting Rounds 8 and 9 in LA are where the points race really starts to get interesting, and where the top contenders for the championship will be revealed.

Las Vegas, NV

November 4
When the adrenaline of rallycross meets the sex appeal of Vegas, the results can’t be beat. The final race is always a supercharged event, and a barometer of how far the series has come every year. If there’s an even tighter points race this year, we predict that Round 12 will be a no-holds-barred fight to the finish. Who’s going to set off those iconic finish line fireworks this year? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo credit OMSE/QNIGAN. Interested in our stories from the Vegas race? Check out our championship video.

…And the One That Got Away

When the schedule was first revealed, everyone and their Uncle Bill flocked to social media to express their dissatisfaction over the series not returning to the Dirt Track at Charlotte this year. It is a bummer. Though the slippery dirt made for slightly slower racing, it also facilitated some epic photos, and was a top opportunity to make “dirty” jokes and puns left and right—always a bonus in our books.

While we have no grand insight into why Charlotte was booted (Venue contract negotiations? Trying new markets? No room in the schedule?), it should be noted… those stadium seats felt sparsely filled last year. Vote with your feet, fans! If you want a race to stay in your city, you have to show up. Preferably with friends. And Uncle Bill.

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