Meet Mitchell Meet Mitchell

How old were you when you started racing?

I started racing go-karts when I was five years old.

How did you get into rallycross?

​My background is in both pavement and dirt racing, which is probably why I've always ​loved watching rallycross racing because it combines the best of both worlds. The first year of X-Games that they included a rallycross event, I knew immediately, I wanted the chance to race one someday. Brian Deegan was competing the next year in X-Games in a rallycross supercar, and his team was actually having a test day on his property before the events. Knowing how much I liked rallycross cars, the Deegans called us to invite us over to watch the test. You have to be 18 years old to race a Supercar so I mentioned it to my sponsor, Red Bull, just in case there was ever an opportunity when I turned 18. It couldn't hurt to ask, right? A couple years later, my mom heard that there was a new class of rallycross coming to the U.S.A., the Lites class, and she made arrangements with the team owner, Andreas Eriksson, for me to test. After my test day, I was hooked and I guess you could say the rest is history.

Favorite racing memory

This is a tough one because there have been so many​ insane moments and most racers probably have some crazy stories to tell. My favorite memory is really all of them! I am where I am today because of all those experiences and having parents that supported my dream to become a professional racer is a stand-out for me. I can only imagine that a parent knowing their kid wants to be a race car driver is probably in the same category as saying something like I want to be a famous musician, not an easy venture. From age 5, I wanted to be at the go-kart track everyday, so my mom would pick me up from school a few times a week with my go-kart already loaded up and we'd go to the track. I'd drive until it got dark or we ran out of gas. As I became old enough, I started doing off-road racing as well and my dad always built my vehicles and we worked on them together. Until I started racing rallycross, we always had our own race team, traveling around the country in an RV to the races. All those experiences, and lessons learned through hard times and good times have equipped me for the next challenges I might face, so those are my favorite memories!

Driver I look up to most

Sebastien Loeb

Dream car

Acura NSX

My hidden talent is


What does “No Limits” mean to you?

​It means not listening to any negative people around me and not taking myself too serious, but letting God drive for me. Having God-sized goals means not just taking the easy way because it's easy. I believe we are created for a purpose and God has gifted us with certain skills or talents to use for that purpose. But it's up to us to take action and choose His plans and dreams for us. This is one of my favorite motivating scriptures " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.​" Jeremiah 29:11-13. He's never let me down​!

Driver Specs

Mitchell deJong