Swedish Rally Team Takes on Tough Terrain at Rally Gotland

By | 5.1.2013

Swedish Rally Team Takes on Tough Terrain at Rally Gotland

Rally Gotland proved to be as challenging as advertised for Bluebeam’s Swedish Rally Team this past weekend. With only half of the field completing the race, problems ensued from the outset when an accident involving another team forced a red flag in Stage 1.

After a delay, the race moved to Stage 2, a dark forested course with fast and narrow passageways leading into 90 degree corners. Team Bluebeam had the foresight to mount their lights before the race started, but being able to see the sharp turns didn't make them any less slippery. Bluebeam co-driver, Bjorn Wulff commented, “Coming into turns at over 160 kilometers per hour and realizing there is absolutely zero traction really gets your heart racing.”

Both of Bluebeam Sweden’s Opel Corsas finished with decent times in Stage 2, considering all of the obstacles, but ran into bad fortune on Sunday at the infamously difficult Stage 3 at Tofta. One of the Corsas turned a blind corner and hit a hole that popped the driveshaft, and the other broke a throttle wire.

Regardless of Team Bluebeam’s upset and inability to finish the race they’re looking ahead to Fönstersprinten on May 25th, where they’ll race for the Rally Sprint Cup.

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